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river running through northern Brazil in South America, second longest river in the world, Amazo

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1. She was crowned Miss Venezuela 1991 representing the state of Amazonas.

2. It's not just about the Amazonas, or indeed about rainforests.

3. It forms part of the international border between Colombia and the Amazonas state of Brazil.

4. Because the northeastern trade winds, as they go over the Amazonas, effectively gather the water vapor.

5. 7 In 1994 he founded his own press agency, Amazonas Images, which represents him and his work.

6. Dias was crowned Miss Mundo Amazonas 2015 and competed at the Miss Mundo Brasil 2015 in Florianópolis.

7. Schwarz became the third Miss Amazonas to win that title since the Miss Peru pageant first began in 1952.

8. The flag of the Department of Amazonas, a Colombian department, features a black jaguar silhouette pouncing towards a hunter.

9. The longest river in Britain is the Severn River. The most important river is Thames River. River Clyde is the most important river in Scotland.

10. Other Renyi River, two - tank River, a tributary of Jiaokou River.

11. The longest river in Britain is the Severn River. The most important river is Thames River.

12. The Volga River is Europe's longest river.

13. Around the mountains around the County, Black River, White River, Red River runs through the three north-south river.

14. In the world, second only to South America's Amazon River, Africa's Congo River ( Zaire River ).

15. Major rivers have Xiao River, white river, river, as the word people are Fenhe water.

16. It proliferated around Chang Jiang river and yellow river.

17. Lawrence River.

18. The Amazon river is a very long river too.

19. Ancient people called a torrential river a white river.

20. Lawrence River?

21. The river.

22. The Yangtse River(Chang jiang River)is the first(third)longest river in China(the world).

23. River Tees

24. The Congo River is the most powerful river in Africa.

25. Zaire River is also called The Congo river and it is the deepest river in the world.