Nghĩa của từ loading of overhead expenses|loading of overhead expense bằng Tiếng Anh

charging of a business' overhead costs to different accounts (such as rental costs vs. production costs)

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1. Factory overhead does not include administrative and selling expenses but includes depreciation expense.

2. Mei to overhead expenses actually.

3. These expenses are sometimes classified as manufacturing overhead, selling and distributive overhead, and general and administrative overhead.

4. The rate of overhead expenses is correlated with governance structure.

5. Because exceptions are rarely quick to process, the additional overhead of loading extra classes may push operation latency above a critical threshold.

6. The government includes at the cost of experience: adjust procuratorial overhead expenses.

7. Overhead Costs of indirect labour and benefits, general and administrative expenses are eligible.

8. These costs may include material, labor, freight, or other overhead expenses.

9. *We have allocated the cost of administrative and other overhead expenses to each subactivity.

10. Company expenses faces major crisis, overhead expenses and worker pay have no way out etc.

11. The ocean freight quoted shall include loading and discharging expenses.

12. 6 Overhead variances may be usefully considered as variable overhead variances and fixed overhead variances.

13. 6) The traditional second startup of electrolytic cell needs re - furnace loading and expense materials.

14. 11 Part of the overhead stream is withdrawn as distillate, or overhead product.

15. Hydro - electricity in India involved heavy overhead expenses in view of the seasonal nature of the monsoon .

16. Overhead expenses such as indirect labour, materials and supplies, and general and administrative expenses were also eligible.

17. Additionally, $000 will be needed for general overhead expenses such as for salaries, corporate legal and accounting fees, office overhead and general working capital.

18. A flock of crows wheeled overhead.

19. Hundreds of gulls were circling overhead.

20. A clap of thunder exploded overhead.

21. 3 Overhead can be categorized into fixed overhead and variable overhead. Fixed overhead is the cost that will be not changed as the production quantity changes.

22. According to statistic, at present the overhead expenses of coal company occupies the 14 % of total sales revenue.

23. A flock of geese flew overhead.

24. Assembly of main cables and traction cables, overhead lines, overhead suspension cables and aerial contact lines

25. com/loading capacity.html), loading capacity and graduation of bowl mill also are discussed.