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embryonic structures (named after Kaspar Friedrich Wolff) that develop into the interior reproductive systerm of the male attached to the testicles

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1. Wolffian duct The mesonephric duct into which urine drains from the mesonephric tubules and which also serves in many fishes for sperm transport.

2. Cholecyst lies in right endite, bile duct and hepatic duct converge choledochus, hepatic duct is compiled by small hepatic duct of every lobe.

3. Duct tape.

4. The structure and characteristics of the air duct are described.

5. Information requirements for single duct and double duct air conditioners.

6. Adjustable duct damper

7. Aircraft cooling duct


9. Top right: Double gallbladder with independent cystic duct entering the common bile duct.

10. Segregated duct access system

11. Stent for bile duct

12. All air duct and water duct are not shown in clean room.

13. 421.2 Flutes with duct or duct flutes – A narrow duct directs the air-stream against the sharp edge of a lateral orifice.

14. 22 All air duct and water duct are not shown in clean room.

15. Is that duct tape?

16. Single duct air conditioners

17. Single duct air conditioner

18. single duct air conditioner

19. By the interlobular vein, the interlobular bile duct are composed the hepatic duct area.

20. Plastic bag and duct tape.

21. The tear duct was obstructed.

22. Methods: Laparoscopic common bile duct exploration, T duct drainage or primary suture were used.

23. Bottom left: The second gallbladder is connected by cystic duct in the left hepatic duct.

24. Leading off from the common duct is the cystic duct, which connects with the gallbladder.

25. Milk duct with normal cells