Đặt câu với từ "results from|result from"

1. 15) These results are consistent with the result of NOS distribution from immunochemistry.

2. Subtract 3 from the result.

3. Anemia may result from esophagitis.

4. What do turbidity currents result from?

5. • What blessings result from being truthful?

6. Others result from permissive life-styles.

7. Results from the legal review

8. Glaucoma can result from increased intraocular pressure.

9. Anemia can result from significant iron deficiency.

10. Finally, Dell's success results from the successful implementation of demander strategy, results from the effective share of information via Internet, and results from the management of supply chain.

11. Results from the adsorption isotherms experiment

12. His poor eyesight results from keratitis.

13. Test results from the missile drill.

14. Their ignorance might just result from their shamefulness or from their impudence.

15. Happy Results From Patience and Persistence

16. Results Cerebrospinal rhinorrhea 14 from ethmoid sinus, 2 from sphenoid sinus.

17. This result appears to contradict results from the aggregate analysis, which found that, overall, forecast errors were symmetrically distributed around zero.

18. It must result from an accident, not from intentional act by the policyholder.

19. Most of the killings result from gang rivalry.

20. I augur from all circumstances a prosperous result.

21. Pancreatic infection may mainly result from bacteria translocation.

22. 5 Results Cerebrospinal rhinorrhea 14 from ethmoid sinus, 2 from sphenoid sinus.

23. The results from the experiment are accordant with those from theoretical analysis.

24. We desperately need a result from this match.

25. Results were compared with other research from Lake Malawi and match results from soil analysis of caves in China.

26. Accidental death can result from drug-induced confusion.

27. • What blessings result from caring for elderly Christians?

28. Lobar emphysema may result from partial bronchial obstruction.

29. What righteous fruit can result from accepting discipline?

30. Many hair problems result from what you eat.

31. Violence may result from a sense of impotence.

32. Sickness often results from eating too much.

33. Degeneracy results from symmetry in the system.

34. * Strong character results from consistent correct choices.

35. Fraudulent or illegal activities aren’t tolerated on Google and may result in account suspension and removal of business information from search results.

36. Only greater humiliation could result from an attempt to wrench the truth from her.

37. Results: Staphylococci were mainly isolated from pus and secretion, and enterococci from urine.

38. It costs from £3800 from Teagle Machinery Evidence shows more deaths may result from the improper use of ATVs.

39. For different genetic locations the results of amplification show diversities which result from mutation and recomposition of genomes, so RAPD can identify genomes.

40. What a tragic result from not heeding warning signs!

41. Tachycardia may result from pain, apprehension, hypoventilation, or hypovolemia.

42. Anemia may also result from chronic inflammation or tumors.

43. The result is independent from the concrete from of the probability distribution of the measurand.

44. Accidental plagiarism can sometimes result from culture cultural differences.

45. What blessings result from Samuel’s advocacy of right worship?

46. RESULTS Klebsiella were isolated from pharynx and sputum.

47. 2 Green results from blending blue and yellow.

48. Their acquaintance results from notebook computer is exhibited.

49. What good results come from honoring elderly parents?

50. Rupture disks relieve overpressure in cylinders that may result from external fire or from overfilling.

51. • What harm results from the misuse of alcohol?

52. View Audit results from inside Visual Audit Trail.

53. First results from the lambs born to the 76 ewes that conceived as a result of using frozen Est-a-Laine semen were satisfactory.

54. Combine all subtask results into the final result.

55. Results 7 of the 15 patients were infected from paranasal sinuses, 2 from tympana, 5 from lung infection and 1 from brain trauma.

56. Pleurisy may result from a wide variety of conditions including :

57. We badly need to get a result from this match.

58. Earth quakes can result from stresses in the earth's crust.

59. Disaggregated results for specific skill groups, sectors or occupations may differ from aggregated results.

60. Restrictive cardiomyopathy may result from either myocardial or endomyocardial diseases.

61. Much harm and nonsense can result from , ill-chosen words.

62. They were hoping for a positive result from the experiment.

63. 5 Speciation can result from geographical separation or ecological specialization.

64. 1 Tachycardia may result from pain, apprehension, hypoventilation, or hypovolemia.

65. The result of keratometer was different from that of topography.

66. Think of the pain and suffering that result from immorality.

67. Failed bid responses could result from a couple of reasons:

68. As a result, Schneider was "prematurely expelled" from the seminary.

69. Residual sync results from incomplete removal of the sync information from a video processing channel.

70. Even correctly computed results are developed from a conceptual model and not from reality itself.

71. This is an algebraic equation, deduced from experimental results.

72. Vigor or weakness results respectively from energy or carelessness.

73. A cardiologist will analyze the results from your echocardiography.

74. 15 Growing plants from seed can produce disappointing results .

75. Pain often results from greedy acquisition of material riches.

76. The penman acquired two results from the trail research.

77. Coal worker's pneumoconiosis results from inhalation of coal dust.

78. Results from the execution phase help in such optimizations.

79. Success in these ventures results from close project management.

80. Results: The diluent could prevent trimebutine maleate from precipitation.